A physical security risk assessment is an in-depth study that identifies vulnerabilities of your facility and its most valuable assets, people, product, and cash. The assessment also ensures you are compliant with regulatory requirements for facility security. Once completed, WJ Cousins & Associates will identify any gaps and provide recommendations to mediate those issues.

Security Risk Assessment

The Assessment Includes the Following Areas:

  • Technology: Cameras, alarms, and access control (in proper working order?)
  • Secured Areas: Such as vaults, or rooms containing marijuana product or cash
  • Entrances/Exits: Parking lot, and overall building security
  • Reviews: Additional security measures
  • Studies: Local crime trends and related intelligence to provide custom solutions
  • Employee Training: For safety and security programs

We will also examine all of your policies and procedures to help reduce your liability, either in a regulatory or civil proceeding. As one of the leading providers of security plans for marijuana facilities, WJ Cousins and Associates will:

  • Write required state and local security plans
  • Write operational policies and procedures related to security
  • Assist with cannabis regulatory agencies and act as a law enforcement liaison
  • Assist in the selection of technology integrators
  • Provide guidance for using on-site security guards