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Duty Of Care (Photo Credit - Nick_Youngson)

The Next Chapter in Your Cannabis Business: “Duty of Care”

“Duty of Care” is an Essential Concept for Any Cannabis Business As a new cannabis license holder, you have many items on your to-do list when it comes to setting up and launching your business. And while it is easy to be consumed by…
Hostile Termination

Recommendations to Consider Before Conducting a Hostile Termination

Much has been written about how to handle the termination of an employee. One thing to always remember is, even when the employee is viewed as easygoing and mild-mannered, that same employee can turn to violent behavior. The question becomes,…
Security Lessons for Cannabis Companies-ASIS Seminar

Security Lessons for Cannabis Companies

Recently we attended an American Society for Industrial Security seminar entitled, “Guarding the New Green: Security Lessons for Cannabis Companies in Emerging Markets.” It was both informative and well done. The presenter, Glenn Hardy,…