There are many excellent resources available when it comes to cannabis-related industries including state agencies, industry associations (both local and national), business startup practices and operations, financial guides, and technology options.

Cannabis Security Firms

As a business with highly transportable valuables, weed, and cash, cannabis companies have to keep security top of mind long after they fill out their license applications. Recently, Grown In asked readers who they turn to for security consulting. Here are five firms our readers are talking about. [more…]

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Crisis Management

We are truly living in an uncertain time. Are you as tired of hearing that as I am of saying it? Probably, but sadly it’s true. And because of that, uncertainty is what we are all feeling right now. Whether it’s uncertainty from conflicting information, to what this situation is currently doing to ourselves, our families, our organizations – to just a general fear of the unknown – all of us are affected in one way or another. [more…]

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We understand that the corporate market has unique needs due to current susceptibilities and advise our clients based on real-time data.

Managing cyber risks within your business and current operating landscape can be troubling and even more frustrating. Due to the current threats and risks, we are offering free enterprise and private client risk assessment consultations. Every client has a unique “risk DNA”. We evaluate risks based on your business structure, operational footprint, vulnerabilities, current countermeasures, and impacts. We use various intelligence and risk management schools of thought to help clients better understand stakeholder liability and enterprise risk. [more…]

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Cybersecurity Challenges

As we approach the end of 2018, companies around the globe are facing increasingly innovative, advanced threats from those outside their internal networks and systems — whether rogue individuals or teams sponsored by nation-states.

While external threats can easily capture the attention of everyday citizens, seasoned security professionals will also be aware of the threats posed by insiders: Employees and contractors alike can access proprietary (and even highly confidential) information. [more…]

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podCONX Podcast

Dan Humiston: [00:00:00] Just a quick announcement before today’s show that November is Investor Month for the entire month of November. We will be featuring twelve Cannabis investors. So if you’re a Cannabis company that’s raising capital earning credited investor that’s looking for a firm to manage your Cannabis investments. Make sure to listen to Raising Cannabis Capital in November and get ready for twelve Cannabis Investor episode.

Bill Cousins: [00:00:28] My security methodology is to be proactive, not reactive. For example, police department there used to just responding to the incident and handling the incident once they arrive. My methodology, which is the Secret Service methodology, is let’s prevent anything from even happening. [more…]

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practical assessments

Mitigating your security risk begins from the outside. Conducting practical assessments allows your organization to identify vulnerabilities to your infrastructure, resources, and staff – and buy-in for effective preparedness starts at the top.

Strong support and participation from organizational leaders promote a safe, secure, and productive work environment. Never merely “check the box” to meet a requirement. The risk vs. reward of potential litigation can be motivating enough to invest in improvement, and a proper assessment can act as an insurance policy against loss, financial or otherwise. [more…]

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Prevent Violence

As a business leader, you have a duty of care to your employees: You’re legally obligated to provide a safe workplace environment by anticipating potential threats and taking action to prevent violence and harassment. By ensuring workplace stability, you can build a stronger company culture and protect your most important corporate assets — including your employees. [more…]

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Risk Management

Investopedia gives this definition for understanding supply chains, “A supply chain encompasses a series of steps involved to get a product or service to the end-user. The steps include moving and transforming raw materials into finished products, transporting those products, and distributing them to said end-user.”

An effective risk management strategy can help identify and prevent possible disruptions. [more…]

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CEO Bill Cousins was interviewed on the nationally syndicated radio show Price of Business with host Kevin Price. Bill and Kevin discussed the growing medical marihuana business across the nation and how to provide security for the industry.