Security Plans

An important place to start any cannabis-related business is with security. This means writing the required security plan to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. At WJ Cousins and Associates, our plans focus on the following:

  • Getting approval of your application either from state and/or local authorities
  • Safety and security of your employees, customers, patients, and visitors
  • Security of cannabis product and currency

The most cost-effective and efficient way to begin reducing potential security risks is to start before your construction begins by developing a security plan using the overlays and blueprints for the project envisioned.

If the application process is competitive, it is at this stage that our firm works to ensure that you get maximum value for your application through the security plan.

stakeholders, attorneys, architects, designers and business leadership from the inception of the project.

to the facility and business needs of the individual enterprise.

to be proactive in nature, not reactive when an adverse incident has already occurred.

the selected technology integrator, or help in selecting an integrator, ensuring type, location and quality of technology being installed is correct and up to industry standards.

Some of the key components with our security plans include:

  • Technology: Surveillance cameras, access control, and intrusion detection (alarms)
  • Overall Physical Security: Vaults, safes, ballistic resistant materials, fences, restricted and limited-access areas
  • Protocols for Security: Related policies and procedures
  • Background checks: Procedures for employees