Clients have asked us what training has to do with their cannabis business. Well, the answer is simple. Think of it this way, whether you are a physician, attorney, airline pilot, or in corporate America, training is the key to a successful outcome. In law enforcement and professional sports, the old adage is, You play like you train.”

Remember, you as a cannabis business owner invest hours and hours training new employees on routine policies and procedures. You teach them inventory procedures, cash handling procedures, where to place products, and how to interact with patients and customers. When this training is conducted, odds are you designate one of your best and most trusted employees or managers to train the employee.

So then, here’s a question: Do you train your employees how to handle an emergency or life-threatening situation? The odds are you do not, and in a matter of a few seconds, your entire business and reputation could be destroyed if you do not take the necessary steps to think about the future. A successful leader with vision and foresight will prepare their managers and employees, by training them how to be prepared and handle a potentially adverse incident. It is an investment not only in the business but in every one of your employees’ futures.

Research conducted by Human Resource professionals clearly shows that when an employee feels as though their leaders are willing to make the investment in their security and safety, it develops a sense of loyalty and appreciation from the employee. This is no different for a cannabis business.

You are probably asking yourself, “Where can I get such training?” At WJ Cousins and Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to educate your management and staff, by informing them of the concepts and principles of situational awareness, as well as how to handle certain challenging or life-threatening situations. Once the fundamental concepts and principles are understood and practiced, it provides them with a skill set they can use, not only at work but in their personal lives as well.

Our training programs include:

  • Security Awareness (also commonly referred to as “situational awareness”): This course provides the attendee with such basic tools as:
    • Having the ability to identify potential dangers in their current environment.
    • How to use their peripheral vision.
    • How to avoid complacency.
    • How to identify abnormal behavior that may reveal a threat.
  • Guidance for Armed Robbery Procedures
    • What to do and not to do during an armed robbery.
      Activating alarms.
    • Cooperation with the suspect.
      Procedures to follow after the robbery.
      What to do before and after the police are called.
  • Active Shooter Training
    • Run-Hide-Fight concept.
    • Law enforcement response – what to expect.
    • What to do after the incident.
  • Workplace Violence: Working with your Human Resources representative and legal counsel, we present a carefully designed program that includes, but is not limited to:
    • Definitions
    • Prohibited Conduct
    • Risk Reduction Measures
    • Reporting Procedures
  • Hostile Terminations: Terminations, in general, are never a pleasant task for management. It is even more difficult when the termination process may become hostile in nature. So where and when should the termination process take place? Our training provides the client with good sound tactical advice, which helps the overall process by making both management and the employee more comfortable. Such topics include:
    • Positioning
    • Best days of the week that are optimum to conduct the termination
    • Where the termination should be conducted

Contact us today to find out how WJ Cousins and Associates can support your efforts to protect your cannabis business through employee training.