Marijuana has become a big business in America. 33 States have legalized cannabis for medical use with eleven decriminalizing usage totally. We have passed the tipping point in public opinion and a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate to take marijuana off Schedule 1 completely and have it regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

The medical marijuana industry in the State of Michigan, for example, is estimated to be $725.6 million in 2019. That is expected to double after recreational use has been codified. The State has placed a mountain of security and reporting regulations on the industry including facility surveillance requirements, transportation security protocols, and even waste disposal rules. This is to protect the safety of the growers and dispensaries. With high-quality buds going for $400 an ounce, theft and hijacking are real business risks. A qualified security expert is as necessary for this business as electricity and running water.

There are few security experts more qualified than WJ Cousins and Associates. It is a full-service firm offering security planning and consulting. The founder, Bill Cousins, has over 35 years in the security industry; 22 years of that spent as a U.S. Secret Service agent. He has also spent nearly a decade as a Director of Security in the corporate world and is considered a subject matter expert in facility security and threat mitigation. Cousins has quickly become the preeminent expert in the security requirements of the cannabis industry. He has partnered with the leading attorneys and tech experts in the industry. Bill has been an advisor to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Bureau of Marijuana Regulation Working Group.

So when the time comes to start planning and implementing to secure your cannabis business—developing your security measures and procedures—contact Bill Cousins at WJ Cousins and Associates. They will ensure your facility is compliant and secure.