WJCA - Bill Cousins - Intellenet Award - 24MAR22

Our president, William Cousins, was a topical session speaker at the Annual INTELLENET Conference, and presented the topic Cannabis, Security and Beyond.” He discussed basic security requirements for cannabis facilities and then discussed how to provide the client with more value using risk management techniques and the Cannabis Risk Management Framework. This approach is more holistic in nature and will help the client to provide a safe environment and remain compliant.

INTELLENET is a worldwide network of investigators and security consultants specializing in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, and private security. Its membership consists of highly experienced professional investigators and security consultants with national and international specialized investigative capabilities.

Their goal is to assist businesses to resolve problems with maximum professionalism and competency. They operate as a close-knit association—an alliance of experienced professional investigators adhering to a set of By-Laws and a Code of Conduct that stresses ethical, professional, and expert conduct.

Member capabilities, reputations, and accomplishments are sustained by membership and multi-faceted skills are acquired or enhanced by many seminars, conventions, and training experiences available through INTELLENET activities.

After his presentation, he received a Certificate of Appreciation from Jeff Stein, Intellenet’s Director of Training. [ Link to certificate ].


WJ Cousins and Associates founder, William Cousins, has over 35 years in the security industry—22 years of that spent as a US Secret Service agent. He and WJCA can be of service in these kinds of situations. For more information about WJ Cousins and Associates or our services—security policies, procedures, and crisis management plans—contact them or call them at 248.783.7190 to discuss your security needs.