Investigative Services

At WJ Cousins & Associates, we offer a comprehensive array of investigative services aimed at resolving your concerns.


At WJ Cousins & Associates, we provide a full range of investigative services designed to help resolve your problem. Our first consultation is free of charge. This allows the client and our investigator to discuss the case and create a strategy which best serves the client.

Criminal Defense

This is our most common investigation. If you are charged with a criminal violation, you are entitled to the very best defense possible.

  • Review police/investigator reports
  • Interview witnesses
  • Court testimony

Domestic/Divorce Cases

Marital or partner separation/divorce is one of the most stressful times a person can experience.  It is dramatic, traumatizing, embarrassing and usually very expensive for the client.

  • Gather relevant evidence

Corporate Investigations

  • Internal fraud and embezzlement
  • Human Resource issues


Our team can install a GPS Tracking Device and provide monitoring service.

  • Electronic Tracking

Technical Counter Measure Sweeps

We can perform a Technical Counter Measure Sweep of your home, vehicle, or office for listening devices.

  • Home
  • Office
  • Vehicle

Background Investigations

Know who you are in a relationship with before it is to late.

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