Security Consulting

WJ Cousins & Associates guides clients in short-term security and long-term technology investments, ensuring project success as trusted advisors.

Security Consulting Services

Whether it is a one-time event or a long-term investment in security and technology, WJ Cousins & Associates, LLC has the experience needed to guide you through the process. We use our over 35 years of experience to be your trusted advisors and make your security project a success.

How do we do this?

Well, the answer is relatively simple. We tap into our experience and knowledge from our over twenty years with the U.S. Secret Service and our years of experience in the private sector. With this combination, we are able to provide our clients with expert guidance and advisory services. Our security offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Security and Risk Assessments for all venues
  • Executive Protection Programs
  • Event Security
  • Crisis Management Programs
  • Security Guards
  • Security Technology

Our Offices

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Lake Orion, MI 48361